SL 2

Freerace Windfoil

Second to none in terms of performance and easiness, the SL2 132 (and SL2 122 for lighter riders) is the ideal board in a Foil/Slalom Freeride/Freerace program.


Double concave v-hull-bottom. Straight rails are pinched forward to offer a very smooth ride on choppy waters. Moderate cut-outs minor the wetted surface while preserving early planing and acceleration in gybes.


  • One Shot Sandwich
  • Double carbon sandwich

The OSS Double Carbon Sandwich construction brings lightness and stiffness required by a demanding practice.


Technical specifications

SL2 132
Volume132 L
Width79,6 cm
Weight7,5 kgs
FinDeep Tuttle (not provided)
FootstrapMFC (or equivalent)

Weight tolerance: +/- 8%. All data provided in here is for information only and can be updated anytime without prior notice…

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