Freewave Wave

Capable of performing in any wind condition and on any waves, Expression are incredibly efficient waveboards. Their length enable an easy repositioning to windward and unlocks high level of performances in both surf and jump manoeuvers.


The double-concave-veed-bottom brings liveliness, comfort and adds further speed to the double carbon layer construction of the hull which guarantee maximum lightness, stiffness and sturdiness.


  • OSS Double Sandwich
  • Carbon Kevlar

Technical specifications

Expression 75Expression 85Expression 95Expression 105
Volume75 L85 L95 L105 L
Length232 cm234 cm235 cm
237 cm
Width56 cm
58,5 cm
61,1 cm64 cm
Weight6,3 kgs6,6 kgs7,0 kgs7,2 kgs
FinSelect 17 cm US + 2x10 miniTSelect 18 cm US + 2x10 miniTSelect 19 cm US + 2x10 miniTSelect 20 cm US + 2x10 miniT

Weight tolerance: +/- 8%. All data provided in here is for information only and can be updated anytime without prior notice…

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