AFS- 1 concept

To fly in Ultra Lightwinds !


L’AHD AFS-1 a été dévoilé en 2009. Il s’agit du tout premier windsurf foil de série produit. Nous avons développé un foil épais, puissant, solide, pour décoller dans les plus petits airs avec une grande facilité, et permettant d’ouvrir de nouveaux horizons dans la pratique du windsurf. La gamme AFS-1 est aujourd’hui composée de 3 planches (Sealion Wings, AFS-1, AFS-1 Mk2), et de deux jeux d’ailes (AFS-1, compatible SUPfoil /windfoil, et AFS-1 mk2 dédiée à la pratique windsurf).

Shapes spécifiques pour optimiser l’efficacité et le confort, construction adaptée et boitiers spécifiques pour résister aux contraintes, boitiers avancés pour un décollage facile et rapide, la gamme AFS-1 correspond au développement ultime dans l’ultra lightwind.

Toutes deux disponible en «School finish» renforcé.

Les planches

AFS-1 board : The AFS-1 is the first board specifically developed for the foil, and is still as effective and versatile with its moderate volume, its specific shape with its hole on the nose, which helps control in the medium wind by decreasing the grip while maintaining the advantages

AFS-1 MK2 board : The AFS-1 MK2 is our latest and most specific shape dedicated to windsurf-foil. With more volume, it has been developed by integrating the constraints induced by the new generation of foils and the new formats of competitions (jibe, reaching …).

Planning is faster, easier, and the flat deck with the specific shape of the rails under the heels promotes a perfect transmission of strength and power for more control and performance. We have kept the advanced gear position to facilitate the flight in the very light wind and learning.

Both available in «School finish» reinforced.

Maniabilité 50%
vitesse 80%
planning 100%
accessibilité 60%

AFS-1 Design

The AFS-1 is the first foil putted into production, and it remains more than ever thanks to its strengths which do not always deny:

-Windfoil and SUPfoil versatility
-take off at very low speed (5nds of real speed, soft waves of small size)
-Ultra-Lightwind capabilities.

AFS-1 Mk2 design

Based on the AFS-1, the front wing is different. It is a new profile, benefiting from years of development, which booste the AFS-1 in its version windsurf.

With this wing, the AFS-1 (in use windsurf foil) is easier, more tolerant, faster, and more powerful to the near, without losing its starting qualities at very low speed.

This new front wing MK2 is available as a unit for windsurfers already equipped with an AFS-1.


-Full Carbon construction.
-AHD box.
-3 parts assembly

Maniabilité 50%
vitesse 80%
planning 100%
accessibilité 60%

AFS-1 ou Sealion Wings ?

These two boards are compatible with the Foil AHD.
AFS-1: This is the board specifically designed for the foil. The easiest and most efficient at all ranges of use. It works only with the foil. The board to take off from 4nds.
Sealion Wings: The most versatile, it takes off less early and is less easy to hold in the high beach, but it is also usable in classic wavesailing, and stand up paddle foil or classic.


AFS-1AFS-2FoilSealion Wings
BoxFoil box AHDFoil box AHD + Deep Tuttle boxFoil box AHDFoil box AHD + US box
AileronsFoilFoil-Foil + Twins 16cm
Longueur238 cm230 cm96 cm232 cm
Volume110 L125 L 10 L109 L
Largeur67,5 cm75 cm76 cm74 cm
Poids (+/- 6%)8,5kgs9kgs3,5 kgs8 kgs

Weight tolerance: +/- 8%. All information contained on this page is subject to change at any time without prior notice.