AHD Team


The AHD team is composed of a multitude of enthusiasts as committed on the water than accessible, sharers, and laughing on the beach. Do not hesitate to visit their social profiles to track their sessions.


Diony Guadagnino

Diony is ou international rider. Venezuelian, he developes our wave and slalom gears…and also does backloops in foil !

Florent Catry

Florent is a rider incurred more! he doesn’t hesitate to jump into the highest, the most hollow sections and his results in the championship of France and Windsurfing pro tour talk to him.

Head Quarter Team

The brains! They are the source of what makes the strength of AHD, innovation.

Bruno André

”Burns” is a waterman, in charge of development of all AHD range. An awesome feeling on the water, he is the source of all AHD innovations : Foil, Sealion, Seal …

Pascal Gerber

Golden hands. Pascal is in charge to transform Bruno’s ideas in reality.Moe than 25 years of experiency and an incredible volume of best sellers…