SL-2 122

Slalom Newest Generation

It has taken us more time than expected to come up with a replacement to our performing SL1... Still, those 2008 epoxy-sandwich built shapes have held their rank on the racing side: Diony has reached the finals in several World Cup events and recently shined on the South-American scene, as did many other riders in their own national circuits. The SL1 were performing and easy boards, they stood to the task during a long period and, today, still surprise many!

While developing our SL2, we have cooperated closely with active racers: Vincent Gourtay and Loïc Le Gallois added their own « feed- back » to that of Diony Guadagnino, by racing our different prototypes on many different courses.ON THE WATER

The straightened scoop-line guarantees high thrill sessions!

The new A-H-D SL2 provides endless acceleration and the purest of glides. With the rider well locked into his footstraps, this new shape uses the water for the best without any fail, stable as it is on its low wetted surface.

With the lightest gust, that board accelerates quick!

Top speed, a superb boost out of the jibe and the capacity to relocate within the fleet are the strong points of our 2012 Slalom boards!


Together with Pascal Gerber, our friendly riders have pushed the shape evolution towards more technicalities in order to improve « top-speed » performance. Rails are sharper.

On a shorter outline, the long vee bottom morphs into a progressive double-concave. Every effort has been made to increase the board’s speed. With a recessed mast-foot position in the deck, the new carbon- fiber sandwich adds to the performance boost by lightening and stiffening the board!

Cut-outs make their come-back to reduce the wetted surface in a plane. Building on a long experience, A-H-D takes a new start in Slalom sailing: the four sizes have been tested on the water, and the mould was built from boards which have been sailed and truly tested.

Shape specifics:

  • Compact outline: carefully trimmed to add early planing capability to controllability and forgiveness
  • Straightened scoop-line: early planing and speed
  • Sharp rails 
  • Long vee bottom followed by a progressive double-concave 
  • Cut-outs
  • Recessed mast-foot 
  • Stiff and light carbon sandwich
Models SL-2 92 SL-2 112 SL-2 122 SL-2 132
Volume 92 l. 112 l. 122 l. 132 l.
Length 238.00 cm
236.00 cm
7'8 1/2''
234,50 cm
233.00 cm
Width 59.60 cm
23 1/2'''
68.00 cm
26 3/4''
76.00 cm
79.6 cm
39 1/2''
Width ofo 40.1 cm
15 4/4''
46.20 cm
18 1/3''
55 cm
55 cm
(+/- 6%)
-- -- --
Fin box Deep tuttle Deep Tuttle Deep Tuttle Deep Tuttle
Fin size -- -- -- --
Sail size 4.0-7.0 5.0-9.0 6.2 - 9.7 7.0-11.0