Sealion XL


This is a larger Sealion! A 9’ long « retro fish » shape, the AHD SeaLion XL sports a 152 litres volume on a 75.6cm width. It is still a compact board.

The underwater shape is a continuous Vee. Once more, the twin-fins set-up confirms it excellence in light winds. To allow some “further-upwind” action, we have kept the Summerboard central Power-Box, just aft of the mast-foot. Voluminous rails allow an excellent performance in the surf as well as a very good stability. A rather curved scoop delivers soft gliding and surfing performances


“Larger surfers will finally have found the board they needed to join the SeaLion fray on very light winds days” did we say, in the Summerboard presentation. The big guys tried it! And they came back asking for the same board with a full-grip deck-pad for better traction and no EVA on the rails.

The SeaLion XL is a very stable board; it bobs-up on the white- water, thanks to the limited area impacting the wave. With a bottom designed to skim in 1-2 knots winds, it will plane at the very first breeze. Its surfing curves are neat and stable, thanks to excellent supports on the voluminous rail in a bottom turn and instantaneous pivoting when later putting you weight on the back foot in the cut-back.

On a plane, this board will show a surprisingly good speed. Both jibes and tacks will be easy to master.

Bonuses: – Larger surfers will finally have found the board they needed to join the

SeaLion fray on very light winds days. - The SeaLion XL is an excellent stand-up-paddle board too!!

Jeffrey Henderson won the Mondial Sealion 2011 on the Sealion XL !

Models Sealion Classic Sealion Pro Sealion XL Sealion 8\\\\\\\'3
Volume 135 l. 115 l. 150 l. 135 L
Length 232.00 cm
7\' 6 \'\'
232.00 cm
7\\\' 6 \\\'\\\'
274.00 cm
253.00 cm
8\\\'3 \\\'\\\'
Width 74.00 cm
29 1/4\'\'
74.00 cm
29 1/4\\\'\\\'
75.60 cm
29 3/4\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'
75.00 cm
29 1/2\\\'\\\'
Width ofo 59.50 cm
23 1/2\'\'
59.50 cm
23 1/2\\\'\\\'
59.50 cm
23 1/2\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'
59.50 cm
23 1/2\\\'\\\'
(+/- 6%)
8.50 kg 8.50 kg 10.50 kg. 9.50 kg
Fin box Us Box Us Box Us Box Us Box
Fin size Twin 19 cm Twin 16 cm Twin 21 cm Twin 19 cm
Sail size kids & wave 2.5 ---> 7.0 kids & wave 2.5 ---> 5.7 kids & wave 2.5 ---> 8.0 kids & wave 2.5 ---> 7.0